Lived Religion in UST Classrooms

This program, formerly known as Rabbis-in-Residence, funds speakers from the many religious and spiritual traditions of Minneapolis-St. Paul and Minnesota to serve as guest speakers in UST classrooms. It provides faculty an opportunity to supplement their curriculum with voices from the local religious traditions as they are lived. Although the speakers are readily equipped to teach about religion as defined by religious organizations, experts, and texts, they also bring unique perspectives on how religion is lived out in people's everyday lives, especially in our local communities.[1].

***Click here to request speakers for your winter/spring 2019 classes***
Priority deadline is December 10, 2019 after which requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis until funding is depleted. 

For a list of available speakers and topics, faculty should contact Hans Gustafson at

*A guiding criterion for this program requires that the speakers' classroom visits and presentations facilitate significant interreligious learning and encounter.

[1] This program aims at fostering the “Lived Religion” approach to studying, learning, and teaching about religion. Lived Religion is about looking for the “material, embodied aspects of religion as they occur in everyday life, in addition to listening for how people explain themselves … Finding religion in everyday life means looking wherever and however we find people invoking a sacred presence" (Nancy T. Ammerman, “2013 Paul Hanly Furfey Lecture: Finding Religion in Everyday Life,” Sociology of Religion 75, no. 2 (2014): 190-91).