UST Receives Grant to Host Student Interfaith Leadership Conference

October 9, 2017

The University of St. Thomas, in collaboration with Augsburg University and Bethel University, received a grant from the Interfaith Youth Core to hold the upcoming conference Interfaith Storytelling for a Vibrant Democracy: Engaging the Diverse, the Devout, and the “Nones” on February 23-24 at UST.

The conference will provide training in, and a forum for, storytelling and story-listening across differences in core commitments. Students from all perspectives and institutions are invited to attend and to refine their skills in dialogue on their campuses and in their wider communities.

The grant was written and submitted by Tanden Brekke (Bethel), Sarah Farnes (St. Thomas), Hans Gustafson (St. Thomas), Marion Larson (Bethel) Dominic Longo (St. Thomas), Matt Maruggi (Augsburg), Marta Pereira Vindas (St. Thomas), Amy Poppinga (Bethel), Sara Shady (Bethel), and Martha Stortz (Augsburg).

UST sponsoring offices include the Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning, the Muslim Christian Dialogue Center, and the Office for Spirituality

photo ©Interfaith Youth Core, used with their permission