The University of St. Thomas

Business Professionals

Just like any other institution, the University of St. Thomas is supported by many business operations.  These services play a crucial part in our success as an outstanding institute of higher education, and call on a wide array of professionals to keep them running smoothly.  Our opportunities in this area include Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, Purchasing, and Marketing/Advertising.

"I have so many good things to say about UST and have had so many positive experiences the past 7 years; the most gratifying of which has been the strong sense of community, and the commitment of the institution to its mission and vision. It is both rewarding and humbling to be able to contribute to the success of this great university."

Pam Peterson Director of the Business Office
Business Office
Employed Since 2001

"St. Thomas is a great place to work. The environment is collaborative, the people are supportive and the work is challenging. Best of all, I know my work impacts the lives of prospective students and helps to make the university’s mission a reality."

Mary Fisher Assistant Director of Marketing
University Relations
Employed Since 2005

"The mission statement and value structure here at St. Thomas, provides a work environment where people can pursue their careers in a faith-filled setting. Work and family are balanced in a supportive way which allows for making a difference in our community feel like a natural achievement."

Jim Gooley Executive Development Officer
Employed Since 2008

Kimm Thiboldeaux

"I enjoy working at the University of St Thomas because of the interaction with our students. Every four years I get to watch a new group of future leaders be challenged by their education and the world’s diversity, becoming better leaders."

Kimm Thiboldeaux Internal Scheduling Manager
Facilities Scheduling
Employed Since 2001