The University of St. Thomas

Administrative Support

In an environment as exciting and fast-paced as the University of St. Thomas', administrative support professionals have an enormous impact on our overall success.

Our administrative support positions range from entry level to executive level. They are the go-to people, problem-solvers, and shoulders to lean on for their departments or units. Bring your versatility, organizational skills, and creativity to a place that will appreciate those attributes and the person to whom they belong.

Cory Funk

"I enjoy having the opportunity to work with the students I employ.  It gives me the chance to help them build skills they will need in their later work experiences.  It is a reward unto itself to see them grow, learn, graduate, and move on."

Cory Funk Administrative Assistant II
Undergraduate Academic Counseling
Employed Since 2003

Peggy Jerabek

"I love working at UST because staff and faculty work together to ensure each student has the opportunity to succeed!"

Peggy Jerabek Coordinator II
Multicultural Student Services
Employed Since 2006