Connecting to the "UST" Network on a Personal Computer

The "UST" Network allows for a secure, encrypted connection by logging in with your St. Thomas credentials and access throughout campus without switching to a different wireless network. his security is only available to St. Thomas Faculty, Staff and Students.

In addition,"UST Open" is different where after you register your device, you will not need to login again for 300 days on our unencrypted network.

The instructions are listed below on how to connect depending on what kind of computer you own:

  1. Select “UST” from your list of Wireless connections
  2. Login with your St. Thomas username and password.
  3. Accept the security certificate (This may require logging in to your own computer as it requires administrative rights)
  4. You should now be connected.

For more detailed instructions, click here.

We offer a WiFi Configuration Helper available for Windows 7, this allows users to simply download the file and run it to easily connect to WiFi. To use this:

  • Download the file: "WiFiHelper"
  • Save the file locally ("Save as")
  • Double click to open the file from the zipped document.
  • Double click to run, it will prompt you to login with your UST username and password then connect you to the internet.

We also provide detailed instructions on settings and steps depending on which operating system you are running, select yours below:

Google provides general instructions on how to connect a Chromebook to wi-fi. The information below are custom settings you may need to enter to access St. Thomas-specific networks. 

Custom St. Thomas settings include:

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • Server CA certificate: Do not check
  • Identity: your UST username (just the first four letters and four numbers)
  • Password: your UST password

All other other fields should be left blank.