Mac OS X Detailed ISE Instructions

These instructions apply to Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

1. Make sure that the wireless card is turned on by clicking the WiFi icon on the menu and selecting the Turn WiFi On option.

2. Now select the UST network from the list of available networks located in the AirPort menu.

3. Keep the mode in automatic and type your UST login (your UST email address without the and password and then click OK to connect to the wireless network.

If you see a certificate warning…

1. When you connect to the wireless network with the UST SSID, you may see a certificate warning. If so, click on Continue.

2. You may now be prompted to enter your Mac username and password (not your UST credentials) to allow this trust to be saved. If so, do so and click OK. 

*If you are unable to connect for some reason, be sure to give detailed instructions on what steps you have taken and what error message or problem you are running into, then call or e-mail the Tech Desk at (651)962-6230 and