Wireless Networks

Wireless network access is available throughout campus. Faculty, staff, and students are able to automatically join the network and move around campus without needing to re-authenticate or losing network connectivity.  Two networks area available for access to campus resources and the Internet.

UST Wireless Network

UST is the preferred network on campus for faculty, staff, and students using network resources (email, Blackboard, Murphy Online). 

It is accessible with your username and password and is encrypted, offering additional protection for usernames, passwords, and data. The UST network is also configured to allow faculty, staff and students access to campus resources as if connected to the campus wired network.

Who can use the UST network?

Faculty & Staff Audience Icon Faculty & Staff   Students Audience Icon Students 

UST-Open Network

UST-Open is unencrypted and is meant to serve guests and devices that are not compatible with encrypted networks. While this network is targeted to guests, it is open to faculty, staff, and students, but does not offer the security of encryption. 

The UST-Open network requires re-registration every 24-hours, is configured to limit bandwidth, and is meant to provide Internet services only. For devices that need to access the UST-Open network on a regular basis, there is an easy to use self-registration portal that eliminates the 24-hour registration requirement.

Who can use the UST-Open network?

 Visitor Audience Icon Guests & Streaming Devices

Game Consoles and Media Devices should be connected to the UST-Open network and unlike other systems will not require re-authentication after 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

St. Thomas computers are automatically configured to connect to the network.  Simply choose UST from the list of wireless networks, then login with your username and password. 

Non-St. Thomas computers and mobile devices may require the same steps above but also may require configuration 

For instructions on how to connect with your computer click here.

Once authenticated on the network re-authentication will only be required when your St. Thomas password expires.
Information on passwords, including how to reset your password, on our Password Help page.

To connect to UST-Open:

  • Select "UST-Open" as an option in your list of Wireless Networks.
  • Then, press "Continue" after accepting the Responsible Use policy agreement.
  • You should now be connected.

Your access will remain for 24 hours after which time you will have to re-accept the policy to enter the network.

To ensure that you have un-interrupted access, you can add your device or computer to the ISE System. After this is done, you will not have to click the "Connect" button for 300 days.

Mobile devices are able to connect to either the UST or UST-Open networks.

Connecting to UST requires log on with username and password every 120 days.  Some devices may need to accept a security certificate to proceed to the log on page. Android devices may require you to scroll down to enter your credentials.

UST-Open does not require log in, but does prompt to re-connect every 24 hours. To avoid the 24-hour policy, mobile devices can be entered into the UST-Open network every 300 days.

If using a wired connection simply plug your gaming device into a the network wall jack. Your gaming device should automatically connect and be profiled after a reboot.

If using the wireless connect to UST-Open from your gaming device. Your gaming device should automatically connect and be profiled after a reboot.

With either connection, wired or wireless, a reboot will be necessary after conecting to the network.

If you are unable to connect your device to UST or UST-Open, you may need to manually add your device to the network. Devices added manually will need to re-connect every 300 days.

To add your device, using the self-service portal:

Visitors on campus are able to access the Internet through our wireless network.

To access the wireless network as a Guest simply select "UST-Open" from your list of available networks. You will then be prompted to read and accept the User License Agreement and click on "Connect". 

  • Your access will be valid for 24 hours
  • Guests will not have access to University-specific resources, but will have full access to the Internet.
  • Please be aware that traffic on the Guest network is not encrypted.

Some helpful troubleshootinsg steps you can follow are...

  • Rebooting your device after connecting to either network allows the system to properly profile your device.

  • It may be necessary to "Forget" the network connection and re-authenticate on the either wireless network when using mobile devices.

  • If unable to gain internet access on UST-Open try adding your MAC Address to the MyDevices section.
    Locate your MAC address on common devices and special configuration settings. 

  • If unable to access enterprise systems (e.g. INB, Cognos, Optix) ensure you are connected to the UST wireless network rather than UST-Open.

  • Windows 7 computers require special configuration through our Wi-Fi helper

If all the above options don't provide successful results, please bring your device to one of our walk-up desks for assistance.