Take Control Over Spam

December 13, 2016 / By: Information Technology Services
ITS Tech Tuesday

ITS made an adjustment to how incoming email is routed to your mailbox allowing us to leverage more spam-filtering services.

So now you can say, "Bye Felicia," to all those unwanted emails in your inbox. 

More Control over Spam

Meme of a man taking the control button off of a computer keyboard.

Now you can take more direct control over spam. How? One simple click in Office 365.

Simply click on the Junk button from any email message that appears to be spam and this will move it directly to your Junk Email folder. In addition, you can also report phishing attempts to Microsoft when someome is trying to obtain your username and password. 

As Microsoft learns your patterns, it will move more items there automatically. ‌

How to mark an email as spam or phishing

From any suspicious or junk email in your inbox, hover over the top navitation and simply click the Junk \/ dropdown menu. If it is just unwanted spam messages from vendors click on Junk. If it is asking for you to upgrade your account or provide personal information like your bank account, then click phishing. We recommend reporting all phishing attempts. 

You can mark an email as JUNK or PHISHING from a dropdown menu on any email in Office 365.

Where to Find Your Messages

Messages identified as spam or phishing will now automatically move into the Junk Email Folder within your inbox. You can mark emails as “not junk” to move legitimate messages directly back into your Inbox. 


Go get 'em, Tommies.