Printing on Campus

November 15, 2016 / By: Information Technology Services
ITS Tech Tuesday

You are ONE MONTH away from the end of the semester. Hang in there! You've got this!

As you prepare for your final projects and papers, it is important to track your printing balance so that you don't get charged for overprinting. While we all love gifts during Christmas and the holidays, receiving a bill is probably not on your list.

St. Thomas provides 400 pages of printing to each student at the beginning of the semester which is the equivalent of $32 in print credits.

1. Find Your Balance

Check your remaining printing balance anytime in PaperCut at

2. Discover the variety of ways you can print

Learn about printing via USB, from a campus computer, or through FollowMe Printing on our How to Print webpage.

3. Where to print

Printing is available in from campus computers in public areas of the University as listed below: 

  • OSF Library
  • Ireland Library
  • Keffer Library
  • Minneapolis School of Law Library
  • Anderson Student Center, near Tommie Central
  • McNeely Hall, room 226
  • Owens Science Hall – first floor lobby

If you are a residential student, you may also have access to some residence hall printers.