National Computer Security Day

November 29, 2016 / By: Information Technology Services
ITS Tech Tuesday

It is National Computer Security Day tomorrow on November 30!

Computers, tablets, and smart phones have made our lives easier by making communication faster, more convenient and more efficient. At the same time, they have created many privacy and security issues. Remember to keep your personal information and data is secure with a few tips below.

How can you Celebrate National Computer Security Day?

Start by protecting your accounts! If you are using the same password for all your online accounts, you may be vulnerable to hackers. Update your passwords or sign up for a password manager that can generate random passwords for you and can also save them which will keep your accounts secure without you having to do the hard work of remembering them. 

Now that you're feeling like your data is safer, kick back and watch a movie! We recommend the following classics about hacking and security: 

  • Hackers (1995)
  • The Matrix (1999) 
  • War Games (1983) 

Happy National Computer Security Day!