ITS Tech Tuesday

ITS Tech Tuesday

PRO TIP: Don't lose your files during finals.
Use OneDrive instead.

You have a place where you can store all of your papers and assignments throughout the course of your time at St. Thomas.

OneDrive has made my own life a thousand times easier to organize my documents, find them easily, work on them from any computer and device knowing they will safe during finals week. 

Ready to get started? Start a new document in Office 365 or upload one from your computer into the OneDrive app with easy drag and drop features. 

Access from anywhere

Since OneDrive is in the cloud, you can work on your documents from any device and computer. If you need to go to the library to study, you can start the document in Microsoft Word online that will save automatically to OneDrive. Then you know your document is safe and if you decide it is time to head home, you can start back right where you left off from your laptop. Simply log into Office 365 from your web browser, smartphone, or tablet. 

Collaborate with classmates

You can invite others to work on the same documents with you. Since Microsoft Office products are included with Office 365 and already in the cloud. Maybe you're all pitching in to find answers for your study guide - keep it in one central space for all of you to contribute. Working on a group presentation? Share it with your team and edit the PowerPoint together.


Good luck during finals week, Tommies!