Available TV Channels

The channel list will vary by television manufacturer and some channels may not be available on your particular television.

TV Requirements

To receive cable on campus, TVs must be digital-compatible and have a Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) tuner. 

Analog TVs that are more than 5 years old may require the purchase of a QAM tuner in order to receive campus cable. Converter boxes are available from Amazon.com for conversion of an older set with an analog tuner. After successful testing for compatibility with our system, ITS recommends the following model: IVIEW-3200STB Multimedia Converter Box

How Do I Tell if my TV is Digital Compatible?

You can tell if a QAM tuner is included by checking the documentation that came with your TV, or by looking up your model at the Display Specifications website.

Want to know what show is up next?

The Program Guide for Channels 71-106 is available on channel 71.2
The Program Guide for Channels 108-112 is available on channel 108.1

Digital Line-Up (updated 01/25/2017)
71.1 Emergency Alert System 89.1 FS1 HD
72.1  TPT2 HD 89.2 Bravo HD
72.2  TPT MN 90.1 CNBC HD
73.1  TPT Life HD 90.2 QVC HD
74.1 WUCW HD 91.1 E! HD
74.2 WCCO HD (CBS) 91.2 Travel Channel HD
75.1 KARE HD (NBC) 92.1 Cartoon Network HD
75.2 KARE WX NOW 92.2 Spike TV HD
76.1 KSTP HD (ABC) 93.1 Lifetime HD
76.2 KMSP HD (FOX)  93.2 Nickelodeon HD
77.1 WFTC HD (My TV/My29) 94.1 KABL 13
77.2 WGN HD 94.2 The Weather Channel HD
78.1 ESPN HD 100.1 VH1 HD


79.1 ESPN2 HD 101.1 Comedy Central HD
79.2 FOX Sports North HD 101.2 BET HD
80.1 BIG 10 Network HD 102.1 Turner Classic Movies
80.2 TBS HD 102.2 truTV HD
81.1 NBC Sports HD 103.1 CNN Headline News HD
81.2 A&E HD 103.2 Home Shopping Network HD (HSN)
82.1 HGTV HD 104.1 MSNBC HD
82.2 KSTC HD 104.2 Hallmark Channel HD
83.1 KPXM HD (ION) 105.1 WUMN Univision
83.2 USA HD 105.2 Food Network HD
84.1 Discovery Channel 106.1 SyFY HD
84.2 Animal Planet 106.2 The Golf Channel HD
85.1 History HD 108.2 AMC HD
85.2 The Learning Channel 109.1 CNN HD
86.1 TV Land 109.2 Public Access Multi Faith 14
86.2 Metro 6 110.1 Public Access 15
87.1 Disney Channel HD 111.1 St. Paul City Hall 18
87.2 Freeform HD 111.2 Access SPNN Productions 19
88.1 FX HD 112.1 Access SPNN International 20
88.2 Fox News Channel HD 112.2 



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