UST uses the PaperCut print tracking system, emphasizing cost reduction and sustainability.

In order to reduce paper usage, grayscale duplex printing (back to back) will be the default on all campus print devices.

Current Printing Rates

Black &White Prints: $0.08 per page

Color Prints: $0.50 per page

Print Charges and Print Confirmation

Before a document is printed, a PaperCut dialogue window pops up on the computer. This will show a preview of the document details and cost of the print job. A student must confirm printing at this step. 

Student workers will be able to select their work department as the account be charged for work related printing in this dialogue window or when copying at the multi-functioning printer (MFP) touch screen menu. 

Printing Balance

$32 Print Quota is automatically given to all students each semester for printing and copying on campus, the equivalent of about 400 grayscale prints.

Unused balances will not carry over each semester and are reset each semester as defined below:

Fall: August 20 - January 3
J-Term & Spring: January 4 - May 21
Summer: May 22- August 19

There is no cash value to the allotment; therefore no cash payment will be made for any unused balances. Any printing done beyond this allotment will be charged a per-page fee at the current printing rates to their student account billed through the Business Office after the end of the semester.

Login to PaperCut to manage your balance and track your printing.

Print Refunds

ITS will issue a refund of print credit back to user accounts only when a printer had a machine malfunction, such as printer jams, smudges, etc. Submit a refund request directly on the print job in PaperCut and allow 7 business days for review and action. Approval or denial will be communicated to your email account.

Print Credits will not be given for user error during printing including but not limited to:

  • Printing the wrong document
  • Printing too many copies
  • Expected it to print duplex and it did not
  • Expected it to print in color/grayscale but prints the opposite