ilos Screen Recording

NOTE: As of June 2018, ilos will no longer be offered as an enterprise service. 

ilos is a web-based screen recording tool that allows you to record high-quality of your screen, webcam and voice for tutorials and presentations.

Although, an ilos video can be viewed on all devices, a screen recording can only be captured on a computer (not on a mobile device such as phone or tablet).

 A special thanks to the Opus College of Business for their partnership in providing this service to the university.

Getting Started

Access to students is granted through Blackboard. Students may request access to ilos by contacting their instructor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Navigate to your Blackboard course and click on ilos Screen Recorder in the left navigation.
  3. Click Record to initiate the installation process.
    The preview of the record button for ilos Screen Recording
  4. Click Download to download the file.
    The preview of the download prompt for ilos Screen Recording
  5. Follow the on screen prompts to install the recorder. Instructions vary depending on the browser you use.
  6. You will know the installation process is complete when this prompt appears. Click OK.‌
  7. Return to Blackboard and click Record again.
  8. Choose the application (1), click the box to remember the choice for ilos (2), click OK (3).
    The preview of the launch application screen during the installation of ilos Screen Recording

  9. The recorder will automatically launch. Arrange the gray recording frame around the area you wish to record. 
    The preview of the frame to record your screen in ilos
  10. Make sure your headset or microphone is unmuted by clicking the microphone button. An icon of a microphone.
  11. Check that your voice is being recording by watching the icon to see that it is moving and turning blue.
  12. Click the record button to start recording.
  13. You can pause the recording at any point (1). If you don’t like the recording, click the trash button (2) to delete the video and start over. When you are finished, click finish recording (3).
    The preview of the pause, trash, and finish recording buttons for ilos Screen Recording
  14. Once you click finish recording (3) your video will automatically upload to the cloud.
  15. Rename the video by hovering over the temporary title.
  16. Click the pencil icon to edit. The preview of the edit icon for ilos Screen Recording
  17. Add a descriptive title to your video and click the check mark to save.
  18. If you would like to be able to return to your video at another time (and be able to change the title), enter your email address in the window.
  1. Click Permissions.
    The preview of editing video sharing permissions in ilos
  2. Choose Anyone with a link (for most cases).
    The preview of sharing an ilos video to anyone with a link
  3. Click on the Share Video tab within the Permissions window.
  4. Copy the Send Link by right clicking on the link, and choosing Copy.
    The preview of the screen to copy the send link URL
  5. Return to Blackboard and navigate to the area where you want to share the video (likely a Discussion Board or Assignment).
  6. Type instructions for your peers and/or instructor. You might give them some a one-sentence overview and then invite them to watch the video.
  7. Highlight the text you want to display as a link.
  8. Click the Insert/Edit Link button in the editing bar (looks like chain links). The preview of the icon to insert or edit a link in Blackboard.
  9. Paste the url you copied from ilos into Link Path (1). For Target (2), choose Open in New Window from the drop down menu. For Title (3), type the words you highlighted. Click Insert (4).
    The preview of how to insert shared URL into BLackboard
  10. Click Submit to share with your peers and/or instructor.