Academic Technology

ITS provides and supports services that help students successfully reach their academic goals.


Every St. Thomas course has a Canvas site where you can access your course assignments, handouts, slide presentations, and multimedia class materials. 

Software for student use

Any software required for class will be available on the department lab or library computers. A select amount of software can also be downloaded for personal use.

  • is an online video database offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills.
  • Mathematica is a symbolic mathematical computation program.
  • MiniTab is a statistical software tool designed for easy interactive use and for analyzing research data.
  • SAS JMP combines powerful statistics with dynamic graphics.
  • Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) is found exclusively on St. Thomas campus computers and can perform highly complex data manipulation and analysis.
  • Qualtrics Survey Software allows students to create web-based surveys and web forms to efficiently collect and analyze information.

Office 365

You can use Office 365 to access the Microsoft Office suite from any device to be productive inside and outside of the classroom

  • Create Word documents from any web browser for on-the-go notes and coursework
  • Store coursework in OneDrive so you don't lose your hard work
  • Collaborate on group projects easily with PowerPoint online.
  • Download the full Microsoft Office suite on up to 5 personal devices for free

Assistive Technologies

Adaptive and assistive technologies can help make resources more available to individuals with disabilities. A list of Adaptive Technology Resources can be found on the Enhancement Program website. There are specific work stations available in both the St. Paul and Minneapolis libraries with these technologies already installed, see their website for additional details.