Time to Upgrade Your Windows 10

April 4, 2018 / By: Information Technology Services
HP Desktop running Windows 10 computer

Note: This upgrade is only for computers currently running Windows 10. Those on campus still running Windows 7 will not be affected by this upgrade.

All Windows 10 computers will be required to be updated to 1703, the latest version of the operating system, in order to adhere to Microsoft's schedule for support, patches, and additional features.  

ITS recommends beginning the install prior to leaving campus for the work day so that you can begin work the following morning without delay. This upgrade will take approximately 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete and may require multiple reboots of your computer. Any work done on documents during the install will not be saved - please save your work before upgrading! 

You may choose to manually install the 1703 upgrade when it is most convenient for you using the installation instructions below. Any computers that have not upgraded by Monday, April 10 will no longer be supported and will be out of compliance.   

How to Manually Upgrade Windows 10 Using the Self-Service option

Follow the instructions below to manually upgrade your computer to the latest version of Windows 10. 

  1. Open the Software Center by typing "software center" in the Cortana search bar of your Windows 10 PC computer. Click on the desktop app to open it.  
    Search for Software Center in the Cortana field in your systray 

  1. With the Software Center open, Click on Operating Systems tab in the left-hand menu. 

  1. Locate the Upgrade - Windows 10  Education x64 1703 options and click on name. 

  1. On the following page click Install 

  1. Confirm you are ready to install. This will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.  

  1. You will then be prompted to restart. Please restart at this time and allow Microsoft to install all updates and do not power down. 

  1. After logging in for the first time after the upgrade, you will see screens stating that Windows is "setting things up for you." Once completed, Windows should load to your personal desktop and files with preferences intact. 

  1. Additional updates for Windows will apply after the update and may prompt you, once again, for a restart. Please restart again. 

Noticable New Features

The start menu will have the most notable change. The process is simplified with one less click to view all available applications as soon as you press the Start menu. When you click on the Windows icon, you'll notice that your apps will open to an alphabetical list, with frequently used at top, and live tiles will appear to the right.