De-Clutter your Email in Office 365

March 16, 2016 / By: Information Technology Services
De-Clutter your email in Office 365

Clutter was introduced to campus email when we made the migration over to Office 365. We are turning off the feature by default, but encourage all members to learn more about Clutter to make your day more productive.

Benefits of using Clutter

Clutter pays attention to the messages you consistently do not respond to and predicts ones you are likely to ignore. It then moves these less important emails into your “clutter” folder within your inbox where they will remain out of your way until you have time to review them.

Clutter does not delete any messages, but rather it stores them into an additional folder so that you can focus on your most important emails of the day without junk mail or messages from vendors and subscriptions clogging up your view.

How Clutter learns your preferences

It personalizes your inbox experience by looking at a variety of aspects to understand if you do not respond based on the sender, if you are the only recipient, the importance, and whether you have participated in the conversation previously. As your reading and responding habits change, Clutter adapts. 

You can proactively train clutter by simply moving email messages into your clutter folder. Alternatively, if you find items in your Clutter folder that should not be there, you can train Clutter by moving emails out of its folder and into your main inbox. 

As Clutter moves emails, it will notify you of the items it migrated so that you don’t miss out on important emails that are marked accidentally. 

Get Started

Microsoft recommends that this tool is best suited and most effective for individuals whose inboxes pile up with messages. Their support site instructions on how to turn Clutter on or off as well as a variety of resources for managing your Clutter folder.

If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Tech Desk at 651-962-6230 or by email at