7 Ways Canvas Improves Your Course Experience

August 16, 2017 / By: STELAR

Transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas brings with it a variety of new features. 

1. Take Control of your Notifications 

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Canvas allows you set your preferences for how you are notified about course related events (upcoming assignments, messages from others, discussions, etc.). Add an external email or phone number and the adjust the frequency of those notifications. Check your Notifications to be sure communication from your professors is getting through!

2. 24/7 Support

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Canvas provides direct 24/7 support to St. Thomas faculty, staff, and students that can be accessed directly from within your course. Simply click the Help button in the global navigation menu of Canvas. The Canvas experts are ready and available via phone or chat every day, all day.  

3. Find Resources in the Canvas Commons

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Faculty can search for curated, discipline-specific resources to import into their Canvas course sites through the Commons. Resources are in the form of Modules, Pages, Quizzes, Links, or entire courses.  You can also use the Commons to share commonly used resources across your department. 

4. Mute Assignments

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Instructors have the option to "mute" an assignment, meaning students won't see their grades until you're done grading all the assignments and are ready to open it up to everyone. This way you won't get an email from Jack asking why Sarah's assignment has been graded but his hasn't.

5. Powerful Course Analytics 

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Canvas has powerful analytics that give you information on when students accessed files, number of page views, what percentage of assignments were submitted late, and average grades. All this information and more is available with a few clicks.

6. Discover New Messaging Capabilities

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Instructors can easily send messages to particular sections of a course, to students who are missing a certain assignment, to other teachers or designers in a course, and more.

7. Improved Mobile Experience

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Not only is the web-interface of Canvas clean and intuitive, but it is complete with a mobile app so you can have push notifications and quick access to course information right from your mobile device. 

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To learn more visit www.stthomas.edu/canvas