5 Ways to Prevent Your Laptop from Overheating

June 12, 2017 / By: Information Technology Services
An Apple laptop sits open on the desk.

Things are heatin' up in Minnesota. It's not just the weather outside, your laptop may be overheating too. These five tips from ITS will help you maintain the health of your computer and prevent it from overheating - or worse, starting a fire. 

1. Keep it cool. Use your laptop in a cool, air-conditioned environment whenever possible.

2. Gimme a break. Give your computer short breaks to allow it to cool down. This is a great chance for you to take a quick walk so that you can give your eyes a rest from staring at the computer screen and get the legs moving from sitting down. 

3. It deserves a raise. Your laptop works hard just like you. Elevate your laptop, keeping it on a flat surface, to enhance performance. This allows air to get under it, cooling it down. You can also invest in a Laptop Cooling Mat, which elevates your computer and has fans blowing on it to keep cool air flowing.

4. Bye to Dust Bunnies. Dust can prevent air from flowing in and out of the laptop. Make sure there is no dust in the vents of your laptop. 

5. Take it down a notch. Turning down the screen brightness can help lower the computer’s temperature.

If your laptop still overheats after following these steps, there may be a bigger issue. You can bring your laptop to a repair shop or Tech Desk Too for further diagnostics to be run.