Android OS (First Time Use Only)

1. Download and install the GlobalProtect VPN software for Android located here.

2. Configure the GlobalProtect Application with the following information under the settings tab:

    • Your UST username
    • Your UST password
    • Portal:

3. Click Apply

1. Launch the GlobalProtect App.

2. Press connect (your login information should be filled out, if not do so)

3. You should now be connected. 

To disconnect, simply press disconnect in the app.

Check the Status tab after clicking on the Global Connect icon in the Menu bar.

  1. Connect to the GlobalProtect VPN
  2. Launch your Remote Desktop Connection app. There are many options available through the Google Paly app store, but the app IRT recommends Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  3. Click the "+" towards the top right hand side of the screen to add your UST computer
  4. Select "Desktop"
  5. Enter the asset number of your on campus computer (e.g.
  6. Enter your UST username
  7. Enter your UST password
  8. Click "Save"
  9. On the "Remote Desktop" screen click on the computer you would like to connect to

You can uninstall it by removing the app from your Googleplay store directly.

There is an idle time out of 2-hours and a session time out of 8-hours. Once disconnected you'll need to reconnect.

No, the installation of the software is a one-time step. Once installed you need only ensure your UST credentials are current and the Portal is properly configured.

Contact the ITS Tech Desk, by phone: (651) 962-6230 or by e-mail at: