College, School & Department Web Sites

ITS provides centrally managed web services for the entire University as well as content management systems that assist with the maintenance of your web content. The majority of the University web maintenance is distributed, meaning that each department has control and access to edit their content at will within the templates that are provided.

ITS believes that providing access to the editing of content to each department is the best way to keep the content up to date with the least barriers to entry.

Providing these services centrally saves your department the cost and overhead of maintaining your own departmental servers or paying for external site hosting and maintenance. Our central servers are monitored and maintained 24/7 as well as backed up each day for purposes of disaster recovery.

Getting Started

College, School and Department web sites have already been created for all existing groups on campus. If you are considering a new web site for an initiative or new office, please contact your department technology consultant for assistance in requesting help from the office of Web Services. The number of support staff, size, and university priority will be taken into account when your initiative is given a template.

Design and web development resources are provided centrally by the office of Web Services and are provided free of charge to all University business units.

Visit Castor for more details.