New to Campus

Personalized (and Personal) Help

Every department is assigned a technology consultant. Your consultant knows your department and will help you with any technology-related question or problem. Meet our  that are here to serve you!

If you have a quick or routine question (or one that needs an immediate answer), contact the Get Help at (651) 962-6230 (or 2-6230 from any on-campus phone).

Background of Key Systems

St. Thomas uses a Learning Management System (LMS) named Canvas. Course Information and enrollments (students and instructors) are automatically moved from Banner to Canvas; if you're teaching, you have a Canvas course and your students have access to it!

Banner has a basic self-service area that's accessed through Murphy Online. Murphy holds student registration data; that is where Faculty go to enter grades. If you are serving as a student advisor, this is also where you will go for more information.

Your St. Thomas Account

Your account allows you access to campus computers, email, OneStThomas intranet, and a variety of other network resources.

Email and Network Resources—what your access includes

All Faculty and Staff receive email and central storage. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to use these resources. St. Thomas email is our "communication system of record" and your students' lives will be easier if you use it rather than other email accounts you might have elsewhere. 

Faculty and Staff receive an e-mail account through Office 365. If you have a university computer, ITS installs and configures Outlook for you to read and send email on campus. You can also read and send email from Office 365, a web interface to the email system. You also receive 1 TB of central storage space in OneDrive accessible from any device through Office 365.