Mobile Devices

Get connected and stay up to date on the latest St. Thomas information right at touch of a button. 

Wireless Networks

Wireless network access is available throughout campus. Faculty, staff, and students are able to automatically join the network and move around campus without needing to re-authenticate or losing network connectivity.  Two networks area available for access to campus resources and the Internet.

Note: Game Consoles and Media Devices should be connected to the UST-Open network and unlike other systems will not require re-authentication after 24 hours.

UST Wireless Network

UST is the preferred network on campus for faculty, staff, and students using network resources (email, Blackboard, Murphy Online). 

It is accessible with your username and password and is encrypted, offering additional protection for usernames, passwords, and data. The UST network is also configured to allow faculty, staff and students access to campus resources as if connected to the campus wired network.

Who can use the UST network?

Faculty & Staff Audience Icon Faculty & Staff   Students Audience Icon Students 

UST-Open Network

UST-Open is unencrypted and is meant to serve guests and devices that are not compatible with encrypted networks. While this network is targeted to guests, it is open to faculty, staff, and students, but does not offer the security of encryption. 

The UST-Open network requires re-registration every 24-hours, is configured to limit bandwidth, and is meant to provide Internet services only. For devices that need to access the UST-Open network on a regular basis, there is an easy to use self-registration portal that eliminates the 24-hour registration requirement.

Who can use the UST-Open network?

 Visitor Audience Icon Guests & Streaming Devices

Email on your mobile device

Setup your St. Thomas email so that you can stay informed anywhere you go.

ITS mail servers are configured to allow your smart phone and tablet to synchronize your email, calendar and contacts.

See instructions below for configuration of your Office 365 account on common mobile devices.

iOS device

  1. Connect to the internet
  2. Locate your Settings icon
  3. Locate “Mail, contacts, Calendars

  4. Locate and click on “Add Account”

  5. Select the “Exchange”

  6. Enter your UST email address (not your vanity email eg.
  7. Enter your UST password (remember passwords expire every 120 days)
  8. Enter a description (e.g. St. Thomas Email)
  9. Click on “Next”

  10. Choose the options that you want to sync to this device

  11. Click on “Save”
  12. Reboot your phone


Outlook app

  1. Download and install the Outlook app

  2. Once installed locate and open the app
  3. Add your Office 365 Account
    a) If there is one domain\username box, type your full email address (eg.
    b) If there are two separate boxes for domain and username, leave the Domain box empty and type your full email address in the username box
  4. Enter your UST password (Remember passwords expire every 120-days)
  5. Continue through the prompts
  6. Reboot your phone

Email app

  1. Please make sure that you are connected to the internet.
  2. From the Home screen, press the applications icon and select Email
  3. Enter your and your password
  4. Choose Manual Setup
  5. Select "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync"
  6. Change the Exchange server to:
  7. If desired, ensure Use secure connection (SSL) and Accept all SSL certificates are checked then click Next
  8. Press the Email Checking frequency dropdown > Select the desired frequency of sync
  9. Press the Amount to synchronize dropdown > Select the desired amount
  10. Select the desired account options (the account option is enabled if a green check mark is present)
    1. Send email from this account by default.
    2. Notify me when email arrives.
    3. Sync contacts from this account.
  11. Enter an account name and outgoing message name then touch Done.
    NOTE: When you configure EAS, you will be asked to set a password for your mobile. The password must be at least 4 characters and will require reset every 120 days. The system will not let you reuse one of your previous 6 passwords and will allow you to fail no more than 10 times before disabling and wiping the device.


  1. On the Main Applications screen, click on Active Sync.
  2. Click menu.
  3. Select Add New Server Source.
  4. Enter as the server name
  5. Enter username:
  6. Enter password: password
  7. Domain:

Want a more secure email experience?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides an added layer of protection for the personal and university data within your email. Learn more about multi-factor authentication on the ITS Security website