Event and Meeting Services

Event Support Services is dedicated to providing technology consultation and support services for events on both the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses. We support events ranging from lectures and meetings to award ceremonies and concerts.

Our experienced staff is capable of providing assistance with determining what type of audio/visual technology will best meet event needs. Before reserving a space, please consult us for assistance determining which venues are best suited to meet the potential use of technology for an event.

We are here, along with the other University service providers, to empower and assist you with planning and executing a successful event.

Services Provided

Planning your event

Please contact us early in your event planning process. We encourage event planners to contact us early in the planning process via our Request for Services (RFS) page. When requests are submitted with advance notice, there is time for us to effectively communicate with the organizers, understand the visions and goals, and best allocate our resources.

For large events, this means 4-8 weeks in advance. For smaller events and meetings, 2-4 weeks is sufficient. We require a minimum notice of three business days. Without this notice, we may lack sufficient time to allocate equipment or staffing resources.

Getting Started

If you have forgotten to select from the ‘Technology Use” choices in 25Live when requesting a room, or if you have a complex event, you can submit a RFS.

Please include details in your request such as desired setup time, start time, and what type of event you are having - presentation, panel discussion, performance, etc. Your request, either via 25Live or RFS, will initiate our consultation process.

Service Descriptions

An Event Support tech can provide on-site assistance to start a room system and load any media to be presented. For complex events, we will work with you to determine if an onsite technician is required to operate any equipment.

Most spaces on campus have the ability to play audio or video through either streaming or directly from digital files. If you have mixed media sources, we can assist you with consolidating all of your media into one PowerPoint presentation to simplify the playback process.

We can assist you with the resources needed to participate in or host a phone conference through the Zoom software.

Host and record a video meeting from the comfort of your office or a dedicated room on campus using the Zoom software. Learn how to setup this feature on our Zoom webpage.

Webinars are typically training meetings or events at which an individual is presenting to remote groups. Zoom software can accommodate this request and most rooms on campus can support the viewing of webinars with the built-in presentation systems and speakers. If you wish to host a Webinar, please contact your department tech. 

All large venues have what we call ‘voice reinforcement’ built into the room. Most of these rooms do not have the capability of adding additional microphones. Please submit a RFS and describe what will be taking place at your event. We can assist with choosing the right number and type of microphones to meet your needs.

If you wish to have live music at your event, please submit an RFS and provide us with details, including any riders, so we can determine which space will work best for you. Some venues on campus have the capability to support small music ensembles and DJs.

If you’d like to request your event be recorded please fill out this Event Recording form completely before submitting.

Please note that written permission, to be kept in your records, is required from all presenters.

Recording Costs

There is a small materials fee for each recording. Recording sessions longer than 2 hours may require the hiring of a freelancer. This cost is borne by the requesting department. The fee ranges from $300 for a half day to $600 for a full day. Recording requests do not include any post recording editing other than to trim off leading and trailing footage captured before your event begins and after the conclusion of the event.