CourseWeb is the central location for academic materials housed externally from Blackboard. The generic URL for this central location is: and your UST username. Note that your CourseWeb directory will be created only upon your request.

  1. Click the "Start" button from your toolbar
  2. Select "Computer",
  3. Right click anywhere in the open window and choose "add a network location", 
    1. *Alternatively, In the window that opens, click "add network location" on the toolbar. If you do not see the toolbar, press the “alt” key on your keyboard to display the file menu, and then click tools and choose "Add a network location". 
  4. Click "Next"
  5. Select the "Choose another network location" option, 
  6. Click "Next", 
  7. Enter in the "internet or network address:" field, 
    1. NOTE: You must replace the text "yourUSTusername" with what your assigned UST username is designated as.
    2. Don't forget the "s" after http in the web address, or you won't be able to connect 
  8. Click "Next"
  9. Enter a name for the network place
    1. NOTE: You may choose the name of the connection, but it is recommended to leave the default naming convention as is, or choose "CourseWeb"
  10. Click "Next" 
  11. Click "Finish"
    1. NOTE: You will be prompted to enter your UST username and password when trying to access documents in this network location. 
  1. Click the "Go" menu 
  2. Choose "Connect to Server" 
  3. Enter 
    1. NOTE: Don't forget the "s" after http, or you won't be able to connect 
  4. Click the "+" sign on the right to add the address to your Favorite Server list. 
  5. Click "Connect" 
  6. Enter your UST username and password as the credentials
    1. If it initially rejects your credentials, put  UST\ directly before your username and then proceed to attempt to login again
  7. A shortcut to the folder will show up on your desktop, or along the left side of an open window.

Request a CourseWeb Directory

To request the creation of your CourseWeb please complete the form below.

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Last Name:
UST Username:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address: