File Storage & Backup

File Storage

St. Thomas offers various file storage options both on premise and in the cloud for your file storage needs. These servers are for University members and are backed up daily.

  • OneDrive - 1TB of cloud file storage is allotted to each member of the university for personal and professional use.

  • DeptStore - Short for Department Storage, DeptStore acts as a central storage on campus for all departments.  DeptStore is backed up nightly and allows multiple approved users to access department documents. Similar to DeptStore, the Acadstore on campus allows faculty a place to store academic documents. 

  • Sharepoint- An online cloud-based file storage option to store your department documents and information

File Back-up

St. Thomas uses CrashPlan as our automatic, continuous data backup service.

CrashPlan preserves your files with no disruption to you. It works on Mac, PC, and Linux computers and backs up your data whether you’re on campus, at home, or traveling abroad. It also enables you to access your data on any device, anywhere, any time.