Optix is the enterprise level Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) used by the University of St. Thomas. Optix is an easy-to-use system that captures, stores, creates, retrieves and controls information and documents from creation to archiving. You can think of Optix as a digital file cabinet for all of your documentation needs.

Optix is an integrated solution that addresses the management of information stored in an electronic format through information capture, document imaging, and document management.

Features include:

  • Information capture includes receiving, processing, and managing electronic information in native file formats.
  • Document management includes check-in/check-out, version control, and document handling.
  • Document imaging for scanning, indexing, and archiving 
  • Automating business processes with Workflow
  • Interacting with documents online in Optix Web 
  • Text Search to find documents quickly based on content

Getting Started

Note: Hiring managers or supervisors must request Optix accounts for employees.

Training and Guides