Banner Orientation

Getting an Account for Internet Native Banner

Please follow these steps to receive an account for Internet Native Banner. 

Data Standards: St. Thomas data standards for Banner are described in our Data Standards Policy document. If you will be involved with data entry in Banner, please be sure you have read this document.

PACA: If you did not complete the Privileged Access and Confidentiality form (PACA) and return it to Human Resources as part of your new hire paperwork, you may print the form here. Then read it, sign it, and return it to Human Resources.

Step 1: Video Orientation Requirement

This video orientation will introduce you to a basic skill-set for working with internet native banner which you can carry to the department-specific training for your job. It is also a pre-requisite for viewing many of the banner Student Module tutorials hosted by the Registrar's office.

Video 1: Orientation Overview
Video 2: Login and Menu Navigation
Video 3: Basic Searching Techniques
Video 4: Common Matching Tool
Video 5: Navigation Through Forms

Step 2: Identify What Access You Need

You and your supervisor need to identify what access you need in banner. Which banner module (alumni, human resources, finance, financial aid, or student), and which forms will you most likely work with? The following individuals provide permission and security approval for specific Banner modules. Please contact them to receive assistance for the module to which you need access. They will then make the request for access to ITS on your behalf, as described in Step 3.

Step 3: Submit the Account Request

The module approver listed above should submit the account request to ITS via This request should include the permission and security details determined from Step 2. When the request is received, ITS will generate a Helpline ticket for creating the account.

Step 4: Notification Response from ITS

When the account request has been processed, ITS will send an email notification to the requestor containing their new Banner password.

Step 5: Additional Training Resources

The Banner video orientation provides an overview and a foundation for basic Banner skills. Additional, job-specific Banner training is provided within specific departments, based on the needs of the job position. Additional Banner support resources can be found through the Enterprise link on our menu to the right of this page. Be sure to check them out!