Mass Email

The university uses three separate tools for mass email, each with their distinct purpose:

  • Internal (all-university or a subset) messages use Microsoft Outlook Distribution Groups, also known as DG groups.  Examples: update for all Faculty or Exempt Staff.
  • External messages not related to marketing purposes use Lyris ListManager for mailing. Examples: newsletters or program change announcements.
  • External marketing-related messages will be sent via Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Examples: recruitment or fund-raising campaigns. Note that the migration to SFMC is in-progress.

If you need to send a mass email that fits into one of these categories, please submit a service request to ITS for assistance using the Request Service button at the bottom of this page. You can obtain a login and training for the tool or receive assistance from someone who can complete a mailing on your behalf (with adequate lead time of 10 business days). 

Faculty and staff interested in sending mass email should first review the university's mass email policy.

Features by Tool:

Email Feature Marketing CloudLyrisOutlook Distribution Group
Moderated Yes Yes No
Owner Managed / Sub Managed / Auto Populate All All ITS Owner Managed / Auto Populate
Can send to external / internal audience Both Both Internal

Recipient opt in and/or out, or sender manages the email addresses 

All All ITS Managed
One time mailing or mailing is reusable Both Both Reuse
Analytics and reporting capabilities  (e.g. Click Track) Yes Yes No
Personalization (e.g. Dear First Name) capabilities Yes Yes No
Ability to schedule a send in the future Yes Yes No
Branded template available Yes Yes No 
Data integration: ODS / Banner Access Yes Yes Yes

Automated DG's

The following DG's are updated nightly from Banner. Permission to send to these groups is also determined in Banner, and is based on Job Classification and Role.

All of the groups are prefixed by "Auto:" in the Outlook Address Book to signify that they are updated automatically.

List DescriptionList Address
All Faculty Full-time Faculty-Fulltime
Adjunct Faculty 12 month Contracts Adj-Fac-Contract
Adjunct Faculty Fellows Adj-Fac-Fellows
Active Adjuncts (not 12 month or fellows) Adj-Fac

Faculty by College

List DescriptionList Address
College of Arts & Science Adjuncts CAS-Adj-Fac
College of Arts & Science Full-Time Faculty CAS-Faculty-Fulltime
College of Education Leadership and Counseling Adjuncts CELC-Adj-Fac
College of Education Leadership and Counseling Full-Time Faculty CELC-Faculty-Fulltime
Dougherty Family College Full-Time Faculty DFC-Faculty-Fulltime
Opus College of Business Adjuncts OCB-Adj-Fac
Opus College of Business Full-Time Faculty OCB-Faculty-Fulltime
School of Divinity Adjuncts SOD-Adj-Fac
School of Divinity Full-Time Faculty SOD-Faculty-Fulltime
School of Engineering Adjuncts SOE-Adj-Fac
School of Engineering Full-Time Faculty SOE-Faculty-Fulltime
School of Law Adjuncts SOL-Adj-Fac
School of Law Full-Time Faculty SOL-Faculty-Fulltime
School of Social Work Adjuncts SSW-Adj-Fac
School of Social Work Full-Time Faculty SSW-Faculty-Fulltime


Faculty by Term

List DescriptionList Address
Adjunct faculty - Fall (graduate courses) GR-Adj-Fac-Fall
Adjunct faculty - J-Term (graduate courses) GR-Adj-Fac-J-Term
Adjunct faculty - Spring (graduate courses) GR-Adj-Fac-Spring
Adjunct faculty - Summer (graduate courses) GR-Adj-Fac-Summer
Full-time faculty - Fall (graduate courses) GR-FT-Fac-Fall
Full-time faculty - J-Term (graduate courses) GR-FT-Fac-J-Term
Full-time faculty - Spring (graduate courses) GR-FT-Fac-Spring
Full-time faculty - Summer (graduate courses) GR-FT-Fac-Summer
Adjunct faculty - Fall (undergraduate courses) UG-Adj-Fac-Fall
Adjunct faculty - J-Term (undergraduate courses) UG-Adj-Fac-J-Term
Adjunct faculty - Spring (undergraduate courses) UG-Adj-Fac-Spring
Adjunct faculty - Summer (undergraduate courses) UG-Adj-Fac-Summer
Full-time faculty - Fall (undergraduate courses) UG-FT-Fac-Fall
Full-time faculty - J-Term (undergraduate courses) UG-FT-Fac-J-Term
Full-time faculty - Spring (undergraduate courses) UG-FT-Fac-Spring
Full-time faculty - Summer (undergraduate courses) UG-FT-Fac-Summer
College of Arts and Sciences Adjunct faculty  - current term CAS-Adj-Fac
College of Education Leadership and Counseling Adjunct faculty  - current term CELC-Adj-Fac
Dougherty Family College Adjunct faculty  - current term DFC-Adj-Fac
Opus College of Business Adjunct faculty  - current term OCB-Adj-Fac
School of Divinity Adjunct faculty  - current term SOD-Adj-Fac
School of Engineering Adjunct faculty  - current term SOE-Adj-Fac
School of Law Adjunct faculty  - current term SOL-Adj-Fac
School of Social Work Adjunct faculty  - current term SSW-Adj-Fac
List DescriptionList Address
Exempt (salaried) staff Staff-Exempt
Non-Exempt (hourly) staff Staff-Non-Exempt
Student employee - graduate Stu-Grad-Emp
Student employee - undergraduate Stu-Ugrad-Emp
Temporary and casual employees Temp-Emp
Student employee supervisor Stu-Supervisor
Coaches - Part Time Coach-PT


List DescriptionList Address (
First Year Students FY_FR
Freshman Students UG_FR
Sophomore Students UG_SO
Junior Students UG_JR
Senior Students UG_SR
Graduate Students GRADUATE
New Transfer Students UG_NEW_TRANSFER
Transfer students UG_ALL_TRANSFER
Commuter Students UG_COMMUTER
Student Club members CLUBS_STUDENTS
Student Club leaders CLUBS_LEADERS
Student Club advisors CLUBS_ADVISORS
Student employee - graduate Stu-Grad-Emp
Student employee - undergraduate Stu-Ugrad-Emp
Student employee supervisor Stu-Supervisor

Interested in more information about these tools?

Microsoft DGs  (Distribution Groups) and internal mailings
Distribution Groups use the university's security and systems of record, Active Directory and Banner, to generate names and email addresses for mailings to students, faculty and staff.  Admin assistants that have "Send As" access to an Authorized Senders mailbox can also send to the list.

If you (or an assistant) need access to a DG, please use the Request Service button on the right side of this page. Each DG is governed by a stakeholder who will review your request to mail to that specific group. This ensures governance of internal communications for both appropriateness (the right DG for the message) as well as quantity (too many mailings to the same DG in one day or week may be overload.)

Lyris ListManager and external mass mailings
Lyris ListManager allows users to create, manage and send mass emailings. It provides limited recipient tracking and some personalization.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and external marketing emails
Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the email component of Salesforce, the university's CRM tool. Marketing Cloud provides tracking and analytics to measure marketing campaigns, manage contacts and provide personalized messaging.