All faculty and staff are allowed access to a voice mailbox.

Voicemail must be requested by hiring manager or supervisor through an RFS form including your St. Thomas username, ID number, and phone number. Your initial passcode your St. Thomas ID number.

Setup & Message Options

Voicemail services include:

  • Personalized Greetings
  • Out of Office messaging
  • Secure access from on and off campus

Before your voice mailbox can be activated, ITS needs to receive a Request for Service (RFS) from your hiring manager or supervisor submitted on your behalf. You can tell if your voice mail is set up properly, the system will "welcome" you and walk you through the initial configuration of the mailbox. If you are not "welcomed" but rather asked to enter a mailbox number, please contact the Get Help for assistance.

First time accessing your voicemail? Follow the steps below to set it up!

  1. Dial the voicemail system number
    On campus: 2-7777
    Personal phone: 651-962-7777
    From your office phone: Press the VM or MAIL button on your phone
  2. Enter the last five-digits of your phone number (eg. 2-1234)
  3. Next enter your passcode (your default passcode is your St. Thomas ID number) then press the pound key.

The system will now walk you through the following processes:

Set up your Passcode
You will be prompted to enter your own personal 6-10 digit passcode which you will use to access your mailbox from this point on. The system will ask you to verify your passcode by having you enter your new personal passcode a second time.

Record your Name
Next you will be asked to set up the name for your voicemail box. At the prompt record your name then press 1, then select one of the following options:

  1. Save
  2. Review
  3. Record
  4. Discard

Recording your Greeting
You will now be prompted to record a personalized greeting. All St. Thomas voice mailboxes should have a name recorded in the employee's voice and an appropriate greeting that reflects St. Thomas and the department of which they work.  Once you have recorded your greeting you may save, review, re-record or discard your greeting as outlined above. After your greeting has been saved the system will congratulate you on successfully completing the voicemail setup. You can hang up or if you stay on the line you will be directed to your voicemail box.

  1. Dial the voicemail system phone number 2-7777.
    (If you're calling from a non-St. Thomas phone dial 651-962-7777)
  2. When prompted, enter your mailbox number (the five digit extension of your number beginning with 2).
    NOTE: If you share the line with others, press the digit that corresponds to your name as announced by the system.
  3. When you hear the greeting you will be prompted to enter your 6-10 digit passcode.

First time accessing and setting up your voicemail?

Your default passcode is your St. Thomas ID number found on your card.

  1. Dial the call-in number: 651-962-7778
    Note, if you are calling from another on-campus phone, simply dial 2-7778
  2. When prompted, enter the phone extension (last 5 digits) of the person for whom you'd like to leave a message
  3. You will be directed to that person's mailbox. Follow the prompts to leave a message

When your voice mailbox is first setup, the default passcode is your 9-digit St. Thomas ID number. During the initial voicemail setup process you will change this to a new 6-10 digit passcode. 

Changing Your Passcode After Initial Setup

  1. Access your mailbox
  2. Press 5 to Manage Personal Options
  3. Press  5 to Manage Administrative Options
  4. Press 3 to Change Passcode
  5. Enter your new passcode followed by the # sign. For verification you will be prompted to re-enter your passcode followed by the # sign

If you do not remember your passcode or the above process does not work, please contact the Get Help for assistance.

Your status is announced when a person listens to your outgoing voicemail message. The default status is active. The following status options are available:

  1. Access your mailbox.
  2. Press 5 to Manage Personal Options.
  3. Press 1 to Change Current Status.
    1. Press 1: Available
    2. Press 2: Away from Desk
    3. Press 3: At Lunch *
    4. Press 4: Do Not Disturb
    5. Press 5: Gone Home
    6. Press 6: In a Meeting *
    7. Press 7: Out of the Office *
    8. Press 8: Out of Town *
    9. Press 9: On Vacation
    10. Press 10: Working at Home

* The options marked with an asterisk * also have the additional feature(s) of being able to set the date and/or time of when you will return.

Status Confirmation
Status Confirmation announces the name and status of the mailbox owner when others leave messages prior to the greeting being played.

  1. Access your mailbox.
  2. Press 5 to Manage Personal Options.
  3. Press 5 to Manage Administrative Options.
  4. Press 4 to Manage Playback Options.
  5. Press 5 for Status Confirmation.
    1. Press 1 to Activate Status Confirmation
    2. Press 2 to Deactivate Status Confirmation
  1. Access your mailbox
  2. Press 5 to Manage Personal Options
  3. Press 4 to Manage Personal Prompts
    1. Press 1: To record your standard greeting.
    2. Press 2: To review your standard greeting.
    3. Press 3: To record your out-of-office greeting.
    4. Press 5: To record your name.
    5. Press 6: To review your name.
    6. Press 9: To activate or deactivate your standard greeting

*Note: If you deactivate your standard greeting, the system default message will play in its place

  1. Access your voicemail box
  2. Press 1 to retrieve a message
  3. Then select one of the following:
    Press 1 to listen to New messages
    Press 2 to listen to Saved messages

To adjust the volume when listening to a message:

Press 1 to increase the volume
Press 2 to decrease the volume

When you are listening to a message the following options are available:

Press 2 to Reply to message (a for answer)
Press 3 to Delete this message (d for delete)
Press 4 to Forward the message to an extension (g for give)
Press 5 to Save current message (k for keep)
Press 6 to Rewind your message six seconds
Press 7 to Replay the current message (p for play)
Press 8 to Skip to the next message (t for top)
Press 9 to Fast Forward your message six seconds

  1. Access your mailbox
  2. Press 5 to Manage Personal Options
  3. Press 7 to Manage Recently Deleted Messages
  4. Press 1 to Listen to Deleted Messages
    1. This option will play back all of your deleted messages since 2am that day. If you choose to delete the message after listening to it the deletion is permanent. If you would like to save a deleted message press 5 after listening to it
  5. Press 4 to Restore All Messages
  6. Press 5 to Erase All Messages

The voicemail system allows you to create a group of people who you can call and send a message to (similar to a distribution list for your email).

  1. Access your mailbox.
  2. Press 5 to Manage Personal Options.
  3. Press 5 to Manage Administrative Options.
  4. Press 1 to access Personal Groups.
    1. Press 1 to review a Personal Group.
    2. Press 2 to create a new Personal Group.
    3. Press 3 to delete a Personal Group.

Reviewing a Personal Group 
When you select the option to review a personal group the system will list the groups in order numerically. Press the number indicated by the voicemail system to hear the members in your group.

Press 1 to add members to the group. 
Press 2 to remove members from the group. 
Press * to return to the previous menu.

Creating a New Personal Group 
When you select the option to create a new personal group you will be asked to name the group enter a 2-digit number (this will be the name of your group).

  1. Enter the extension of the first person in the group then press the (#) key repeat this step for each person in the group.
  2. When you have finished adding members to your personal group press the (#) key you should then receive a message that your group has been created.

Deleting a Personal Group 
When you select the option to delete a personal group you will be promoted to select a group to delete. Press the number indicated by the voicemail system for the group you would like to delete. You will receive a confirmation that the group has been deleted.