Telephone Equipment

The university offers a number of different telephone sets for faculty and staff usage. 

ITS Voice Services provides single line sets at no cost to the department. Multi-line sets may be purchased. Purchases include all future maintenance and repairs, including replacement, as needed. 

If you would like to have a different phone, you should first check with your department head since all phones are purchased through departmental budgets. To request a new or replacement phone please visit the RFS page.

ITE4 single line
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ITE12S 12 line phone with two-way speaker
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12SD 12 lines multi-line 2-way speaker and display
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Model 7941G Series


Troubleshooting Guide

 Trouble with ITE SetsPossible Solution 
When I lift the handset, I have no dial tone Check all cords and plugs at set and at wall. Check to see if switch hook in handset cradle pops up when you lift handset. For Multi-line sets, press active line button after lifting handset.

When I press the Voicemail button, I am asked to enter my box number

Was voicemail requested for you by your hiring manager?
If so, then we may need to re-program your line for voicemail. Contact the Tech Desk.
If not, submit a Request for Services to establish this service in your name.

When I lift the handset, I hear a screech or a constant ring tone

Complete a Request for Services (RFS)
My display is blank Check the thumbwheel on the back right edge of the display and see if you can change the resolution.
My display doesn't make sense Pick-up your receiver, hear dial tone.
Press #*112 Hang up.
Let your phone ring 3 times.
Pick up the phone, and then hang up.
The display should be accurate. If not, contact the Tech Desk.