Telephone Conferencing


Zoom's Audio Conferencing allows you to host a conference call with local and remote participants who can easily join and leave the session at their convenience using the device of their choosing. Each Zoom account comes with 10-digit Conference IDs that are static and can be shared with participants at any time. In-meeting features include: mute an individual or all participants, record the session, invite additional participants to the meeting (by dialing them in directly or inviting via email), lock the number of participants so that others can't continue to join, hang up the call and/or end the meeting.

  1. Login to Zoom
  2. Go to Personal Audio Conference tab on the left-hand menu. Then, click Enable personal audio conference if prompted. 
  3. To begin a call, click on Start Conference
  4. You can then start the conference by either calling in or being called.
    1. We recommend having the system call you using the option on the right as this is the most direct way to start a meeting as a host.
    2. If you choose to manually join from your phone, you will dial the toll free number and enter in the Conference ID followed by the # key. As the host, you will then enter your Host Key number followed by the # key. Note: The host key can be found back on the Personal Audio Conference tab after clicking the "Show" button. 

For additional information on Zoom and long-distance calling, visit our Zoom webpage


In a large space with many attendees where a typical speaker phone will not be adequate, a PolyCom may be requested to enhance the audio capabilities over the speaker set.  Up to 4 additional mics may be placed around the room when using a polycom. To request the delivery of a polycom phone please visit the RFS page.

Features and instructions on how to use the Polycom phone are available here.

Some conferences require only that all parties be at a telephone. In these cases, you only need to request the Meet-Me-Bridge for the conference as no additional equipment is necessary.

Meet-Me Bridge

If you have a need to conference more than three separate phone numbers at one time, a “Meet-Me Bridge” is required. A Meet-Me bridge is capable of hosting up to 12 including the originator. Callers also have the ability to phone into the university using a local number or a toll free number. The Meet-Me bridge has to be requested and calls arranged at a predetermined time to a single UST number.

Please visit the RFS page to specify a request for a bridge line in the work description box.

Additionally, bridge lines that require more than 12 lines may be obtained through a voice services vendor. Please contact the Get Help for more information if you would like to contract a vendor for your voice conference.