Telephones & Voicemail

ITS manages thousands of phone lines across all both campuses or The University.

We provide access to these lines along with a range of services, including conferencing and messaging services. We offer four different phone models which include: voice conferencing, call forwarding, transfer and voicemail and unified messaging. We also provide repair and maintenance for telephones and related services.  Large, multi-station moves will require coordination with the department manager or supervisor and IT staff.

Provided Services

Request a Service

New faculty and staff requiring telephone equipment or services for their work at St. Thomas must have their hiring manager or supervisor submit a Request for Services (RFS) form prior to their start date. Once services are established, faculty and staff may submit an RFS for repairs, upgrades (with approval), changes and moves on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

To another St. Thomas phone

Simply enter the last 5-digits of the phone number (Eg. 2-6230). 

To an non-St. Thomas number

Dial 8 first to reach outside numbers + area code + phone number

To make a long distance call

Dial 8 + 1 + area code + phone number. At the beep, you will need to enter your authorization code.

To make an international call

Dial 8 + 011 for the U.S. exit code + Country Code + International Phone number. At the beep, you will need to enter your authorization code.



You can learn about the various phone features and instructions by clicking "View Available Features" for your specific model of phone on our Telephone Equipment webpage.

Moves are typically coordinated with your department admin. If you are staying within a department, you will likely retain your telephone number and it will move with you. If you change departments OR campuses, your number is likely to change.

If your telephone number changes, your voicemail box will be moved to the new number and you will need to record a greeting reflective of your change. Until that time, callers hear the greeting most recently recorded.

Faculty/Staff billing statements are sent automatically to your St. Thomas email address.