Note: The University is currently transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas as our learning management system. Blackboard will no longer be accessible after June 2018. Learn more about Canvas and how to migrate your course content to the new platform.

Blackboard is St. Thomas' Learning Management System (LMS). How each faculty member chooses to use Blackboard is up to the individual and the particular course. Faculty use Blackboard so that students can:

  • Access handouts, assignments, slide presentations, and multimedia class materials on the web at a single location
  • Engage in web-based learning activities, extending the classroom's boundaries
  • Easily link to external Web sites
  • Use the asynchronous discussion board to engage in discussion, prepare for a rigorous discussion in the classroom and to carry on the discussion after class
  • Work collaboratively and independently in small groups using the virtual group space area

Blackboard Courses
Every class at St. Thomas has Blackboard class site automatically created and all enrolled student accounts are automatically brought in to the class sites.

Blackboard relies on our student record system (Banner) and on our authentication system. This means that if the class is not entered or a student is not enrolled in the student information system (Banner), then the Blackboard resources for that class will not be available for students or faculty. Additionally, if students or new faculty do not use their UST username and password they will be unable to log in to Blackboard.

Getting Started

Login to Blackboard
View Blackboard tutorials
View upcoming training opportunities
View the maintenance schedule and policies
Learn how to integrate library resources into Blackboard

Accessing Blackboard from a Mobile Device
As part of UST's Blackboard license, we receive a free "building block" that allows the following mobile devices to access and interact with UST's Blackboard system through a downloadable app. Below are direct links to the various mobile apps.

Pre-Production Course

A Blackboard course site can be requested for testing and pre-production purposes. Students are not automatically enrolled in these sites. 

Community Site

Blackboard Communities, also called "organizations" are intended for use by formal and informal organizations within the university for information sharing, collaboration and communication.

Blackboard Guest Accounts

Guest accounts can be requested for individuals who do not have a UST username and password. Guest accounts must be manually enrolled into courses and community sites.