Classroom Equipment & Support

Classroom Equipment

ITS provides services to ensure classrooms are suitably equipped and functional to meet the needs of the education experience, including training and support. 

Instructors and students can rely on functional equipment to deliver course content and presentations. ITS performs regular preventative maintenance to avoid unexpected outages.

Consistent classroom standards are used across campus to provide ease of transition for teaching in different locations. All equipment is analyzed and upgraded through a lease cycle to stay current with technology trends and to offer instructors the latest systems. 

The Crestron AV Control System is standardized across both campuses which allows instructors to use multiple input and output sources for a more personalized teaching experience.

Classroom Training

Specific classroom technology is listed by each location within the 25Live facilities scheduling system.

Instructors can proactively request training on their classroom's technology. Our technology consultants will demonstrate how to use the equipment available in the room, how to utilize your personal devices for instruction, and assist you by answering any classroom technology questions you may have.

Please contact the Tech Desk at least 72 hours in advance of your class so that we may meet University scheduling needs. 

Classroom Emergencies

Technology failures during class or meeting times are considered a high priority and will be attend to promptly by our Rapid Response team.

Instructors or presenters may call the Get Help for quick response to outages. When dialing, press the number 2 during the prompts to reach our dedicated classroom emergency line. A technician will be dispatched immediately and will arrive within 15 minutes.