University Technology Advisory Committee

The University Technology Advisory Committee (UTAC) guides the selection and implementation of technologies and servers as a clearing house for technology issues, such as software acquisition and distribution, classroom technology, and mobile computing.


  • To guide the selection, implementation, and discontinuation of technologies, such as software acquisition and distribution, classroom technology, and mobile computing.
  • To review and make recommendations on technology strategic goals, plans, and priorities.
  • To serve as the liaison between academic and administrative constituencies and to communicate committee decisions on technology directives.
  • To advise technology leadership on allocation of budget.


  • Six full-time faculty members
  • One eligible adjunct faculty member, if appointed by the Adjunct Faculty Council
  • All academic deans or their designees
  • Two students appointed through Student Affairs
  • One representative from the Exempt Staff Council
  • One representative from the Non-Exempt Staff Council
  • Six administrators from appropriate areas of the university

2016-17 Members

Patrick Sanchez, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Mark Spencer, Committee Co-Chair


Chih Lai - School of Engineering
Debasish Mallick - Opus College of Business
Mark Spencer - College of Arts and Sciences
Matthew Lu - College of Arts and Sciences
Susana Perez Castillego - College of Arts and Sciences
Robin Whitebird - School of Social Work

Adjunct Faculty

Lynn Olsen - Opus College of Business

Academic Dean Representatives

Ann Bateson - School of Law
Al Cotrone - Opus College of Business
Jo Montie - College of Education, Leadership and Counseling
Carol Kuechler - School of Social Work
Bhabani Misra - School of Engineering
Lisa Waldner - College of Arts and Sciences


Ed Clark - Information Technology Services


Dan Gjelten - Libraries
Karen Julian - Enrollment Services
Patrick Sanchez - Institutional Advancement
Kristine Baker - Institutional Effectiveness
Vern Klobassa - Student Affairs
Jane Beauchamp - Marketing, Insights, and Communications
Andrew Leet - Non-Exempt Staff Council
Jennifer Wake - Exempt Staff Council
Chris Gregg - Information Technology Services
Jenn Haas - Information Technology Services
Brett Coup - Information Technology Services
Will Bear - Information Technology Services


Bobby Martin - Undergraduate Student Government
Beatrice Nasike - Graduate Student

Contact: Ellen Haeg - Information Technology Services