Mission & Values

Our Mission

“Engaging, enlightening, and empowering by bridging people and technology for the common good.”

Our Values

We are Tommies serving Tommies.‌  We are Tommies Serving Tommies

We think about our customers first. “We are all the Tech Desk.”
We empathize, understand, and relate to customers.
We ensure that relevant stakeholders support our decisions.
We communicate status updates and changes to customers.
We earn customer loyalty through moments of positive interaction.

We take ownership over finding solutions.‌We Own It

We are solution oriented, focused on 'what we can do', and not 'what we can't do'.
We ensure that outcomes meet customer requirements in a timely fashion.
We take ownership of issues together and see them through to resolution.
We analyze trends, best practices, and data to determine the root cause of the issue.
We prioritize University needs as a whole instead of what may be easiest to support.

We are team players.‌ We are Great Team Players

We recognize different points of view, share them openly, and build on areas of agreement.
We foster and maintain positive relationships within, across, and external to ITS.
We place team needs and priorities above individual needs.
We draw on the strengths of colleagues and give credit to others.
We partner with departments to make effective and informed decisions.
We seek peer review and feedback.

We value innovation.‌ We Embrace Change & Innovation

We understand that change is constant and we will continually evolve to meet emerging needs.
We seek out new challenges, explore alternative approaches and take prudent risks.
We take responsibility for our personal growth and take on tasks that stretch our capabilities.
We strive to make changes with our partners instead of to them.

We are technology leaders.‌  We are all Leaders

We are experts and contribute to the development of strategy.
We are all part of the teaching and learning mission.
We make decisions and recommendations that align to the University's strategy and goals.
We see the big picture when analyzing goals, strategies, services, and processes.
We work to understand others and get cooperation through positive influence.