Game Consoles, Wireless Printers, and More

In order to use your Game Console in the dorms, it will need to be registered on UST’s network.  To register your game console, please review the instructions below on how to find the MAC address for your game console.

Devices Not Recommended

Please note at this time that the following devices are reported as having inconsistent success of working on the UST wireless network. For this reason, we do not recommend that you bring these devices to campus:

  • Personally Owned Wireless Printers (However, directly wired via USB connection will still work)
  • Roku Boxes
  • Internet TVs
  • BluRay Players
  • Google Chromecast
  • other streaming devices

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Nintendo Wii can not connect to the network via WiFi connection due to the data rate speeds it requires. There are wired adapters available through sites like Amazon for purchase to help residents still be able to use their device through a wired ethernet connection. By using a wired ethernet connection, it will help improve gaming performance for all individuals on the network. 

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How to find device's MAC Address

UST Username (Net ID)
Mac Address (ex. FF:E9:BA:12:AA)
Phone Number
Room Number
My device will be connecting to the network by