The iPad is a touch-screen tablet designed for web-browsing, movies, music, books, email, and calendaring. Several models are available with varying storage capacity. Some models support Internet connectivity over the 3G wireless phone network (for a monthly fee). All models come with the ability to connect via Wi-Fi wireless networks. Learn more at the iOS Blog.

UST offers Exchange Active Sync (EAS) as an optional service that allows you to sync your mobile device to UST's email, calendar, and contacts. Devices connected to EAS at UST require a higher level of security. When you configure EAS, you will be asked to set a password for your mobile device. The password must be at least 4 characters and will require to be reset every 120 days. The system will not let you reuse one of your previous 6 passwords and will allow you to fail no more than 10 times before disabling and wiping the device. Depending on the device, you will need to supply some, or all, of the following information to turn EAS on:

Email Address Your UST email address
Username Your UST username
Password Your UST password
ActiveSync Server
SSL Enabled

Getting Started

To request that your system be added to our network authentication system please fill out the form below.

*If you do not have a room or office location on campus please put "off campus" in the building and room number fields.

UST Username
Mac Address (ex. FF:E9:BA:12:AA)
Phone Number
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