Alumni Accounts


Due to licensing restrictions with the various software vendors, your University of St. Thomas account will expire based on existing UST policy, 365 days after last active term.

Account holders will receive automated e-mail messages notifying them of their account expiration at 120 days, 90 days, 30 days, seven days, and one day prior to the expiration date.

Once accounts expire access to UST network resources such as e-mail and MyStorage will be lost. The system will then automatically purge accounts and their associated data approximately 30 days after expiration. Licensing restrictions with the various software vendors (e.g. Microsoft, Blackboard, etc.) prevent accounts from being extended beyond the one year period after a student graduates or becomes inactive at the University. Once the account is disabled, access to UST resources is not possible and can only be re-activated by registering for a class and becoming an active student. Accounts are only available to active students and employees of the University and are not accessible once they expire. Emails from student accounts will not automatically forward or transfer to an alumni account.

Please note that purged accounts cannot be recreated, nor can data from them be restored.

Getting Started

To sign up for the Alumni email forwarding service, please visit the Alumni Association's website. All questions regarding alumni email accounts can be directed to their support page.

A list of services available to all UST Alumni is located on their website.

Alumni continue to have access to the Murphy Online system. Alumni can access this system by claiming their account at the Account Claim Webpage. You will be required to provide your UST ID number as well as personal information or a code provided to you by your department in order to claim your account. Once your account is claimed, you will have the ability to register for the Self-Service Password Reset process.