VPN for Network


In order to ensure the security of the UST network, the University of St. Thomas has implemented a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN is available to Faculty and Staff, allowing UST issued laptops access to the UST network from an off-campus location. In order to use the “Network Access” option, you need to request permission using the form below. This feature is a benefit allowing network access from your UST laptop securely, as if you were physically on the UST campus. 

Please check the minimum requirements needed in order to make a secure connection through the VPN and use the “Network Access” option through the VPN. You may follow the directions below to initiate a network session once all requirements have been met. These instructions have been written and tested in Internet Explorer version 8. Your experience will differ if using any other web browser.

If you would like to connect to an on campus computer please see our VPN Remote Desktop page.

Minimum Requirements

  • Permissions to use the VPN
  • User must be Faculty or Staff
  • Operating System patches up-to date
  • An active high speed Internet connection
  • Remote computer must be a University issued laptop
  • Active and up-to date Anti-Virus software on the laptop
  • Permission to access the Network Access feature of the VPN

Quick Instructions - PC

  1. From off-campus use a web browser, and visit https://vpn.stthomas.edu **Notice the “https”
  2. You will be prompted to install a new browser component. Select “Install the browser component and continue”
  3. Select “Download and run installation package”
  4. Select “Run” when prompted to save or run the file.
  5. Once again, select “Run” when prompted by the Internet Explorer Security Warning.
  6. After the installation is complete, select “After installation is done, please click continue”
  7. You should receive a Security Alert. Choose “Add this site to your Trusted Sites list, and allow inspection from this site.”
  8. Your computer will be checked for antivirus software compliance. If, after a few minutes, the screen does not change click on “click here to continue”
  9. You will then be prompted to log into the VPN with your UST credentials.
  10. Once logged into the VPN click on “UST Network Access” under the Network Access field.
  11. You will receive an Internet Explorer Security Alert. Choose “Allow”.
  12. You will receive a “User Account Control” message, choose “Yes”
  13. Wait for the session to initialize, you will be alerted with a message that indicates “Status: Network Access Connection successfully Established”
  14. Your UST issued laptop will be part of the UST domain.

Quick Instructions - Mac

  1. From off-campus use a web browser, and visit https://vpn.stthomas.edu **Notice the “https”
  2. Click here to install the plug-in
  3. Click "Continue"
  4. Select Destination (Default is fine) and click "Continue"
  5. Confirm Installation by clicking "Install"
  6. Once installed you will see "The installation was successful" - click "Close"
  7. Quit Safari
  8. Launch Safari again and visit https://vpn.stthomas.edu (make sure pop-up blocker is turned off).
  9. The computer will be checked for the proper installation of all files.
  10. Login with your UST credentials
  11. Once logged in, if you see "You have 1 system warning" email irthelp@stthomas.edu for instructions on how to proceed.
  12. Otherwise, click on "UST Network Access"
  13. Choose the "Auto" installation Method
  14. Allow the applet to run.
  15. The applet will install.
  16. You'll be prompted for to run the F5 client Installer.
  17. Click "Continue"
  18. Choose an installation directory and click on "Continue".
  19. Accept your choice and click on "Install".
  20. Enter your administrative password.
  21. The install will install necessary files and report "Installation Successful" click on "Close".
  22. Quit the Safari browser.
  23. Re-Launch Safari and navigate to https://vpn.stthomas.edu.
  24. Once again, login with your UST credentials.
  25. Click on the "Network Access" link.

Once the status is "Connected" your computer is connected to the UST network as if it was on campus.

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