Secure Content


In general, all UST web sites are open to the public, however, site managers sometimes have a need to restrict access to content based on an individuals role in the University or simply to protect the content from being misused. IRT has a number of ways that access to content can be restricted and can work with you to help implement the solution that best meets your individual need.

Getting Started

Understanding access levels is the first step in formulating a request. We classify our web content access levels into three areas:

UST Only Restriction (Authorized)

This is by far the most common level of restriction and also the easiest to implement. If you would simply like to restrict some of your content on your web site to only be viewable to the internal UST community, (those with UST usernames), an intranet directory can be created for you within the content management system to store your restricted content. When you place content in this directory, web viewers will be prompted for their UST Username and password before being able to view the content.

To request this for your site, please contact your Technology Consultant and request an Authorized Directory for your web site.

College Only Restriction

A less common request we receive is to have web content restrictd to only the active faculty, staff and students of a particular college. If you have a need to restrict content at this level of granularity, please contact your Technology Consultant and provide details of your request so that a consult can be set up with Web & Media Services.

Faculty/Staff Department or Working Group Restriction

If you have a working group, department, or any other need for more granluar permission to content in order to colloborate or share documents, a consultation will be needed before any work can be done. In most cases, Web & Media Services will recommend that this content be taken out of the web content management system and stored in one of our other systems that allows for more granular permissions. Please contact your Technology Consultant with any needs you have regarding highly granular permissions for web content or documents.