Checkout Equipment


Checkout equipment is available to UST Faculty and Staff for off-campus use and on-campus locations where technology is not built in or cannot be delivered. Students are restricted from using this service. Students may be granted access to equipment if a faculty or staff member is willing to reserve and take responsibility for the equipment. 

Requesting Equipment

  • Limited to UST Faculty and Staff only
  • Equipment can be checked out for a maximum of 2 weeks
  • To request equipment for checkout, please fill out our from through the RFS Page a minimum of 72 business hours before your intended use date
  • Pickup and return your checked out items to one of our walk-up desks during business hours

Available Equipment

  • Laptops -  Both PC and Mac Laptops are available for short-term use by faculty and staff. IRT has a limited number of laptops available so we ask that they are not requested for period of more than 2 weeks. The checkout laptops come standard with mouse, wireless card, power adapter, network cable. The standard software packages installed include Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. If specialty software is needed, please specify in your request and contact your Technology Consultant.
  • Projectors - Portable LCD Projectors include a carrying case, power cord, and VGA cable.
    You will need a laptop for PowerPoint or DVD/Streaming media playback.
    You may also need a small speaker if the speakers on the laptop are not loud enough for your room.
  • Flash Video Camera Kits - Portable Video Cameras come with power adapters, battery pack, USB cord, 32 GB flash memory card and tripod.
  • Portable PA Kits - Portable Wireless PA Kits contain a mountable speaker with a wireless handheld microphone and wireless headset microphone and an iPod/laptop audio adapter. The Portable Wired PA Kit contains a mountable speaker with a microphone, mic cord, and an iPod/laptop audio adapter. These systems are best used in small spaces, for example, a classroom requiring speech reinforcement or media playback with a portable projector.


IRT has a dedicated team and technology to support large scale events. For further information please see our Event Support page.