Internet Capable (Mobile) Devices


When connecting a mobile device to WiFi, you must connect to either the UST or UST-Open networks. 

Connecting to UST requires log on with username and password every 120 days.  Some devices may need to accept a security certificate to proceed to the log on page. Android devices may require you to scroll down to enter your credentials.

UST-Open does not require log in, but does prompt to re-connect every 24 hours.  To avoid the 24-hour policy, mobile devices can be entered into the UST-Open network every 300 days, to add your mobile device to UST-Open for 300 days, visit

Configure UST E-mail on your Mobile Phone

IRT mail servers are configured with Exchange Active Sync (EAS), which allows smart phones to synchronize with UST email, calendar and contacts. See instructions below for configuration of EAS on the most common smart phones or look at our support topics for more information.

Support Topics