Telephone Conferencing

Getting Started


In a large space with many attendees where a typical speaker phone will not be adequate, a PolyCom may be requested to enhance the audio capabilities over the speaker set.  Up to 4 additional mics may be placed around the room when using a polycom. To request the delivery of a polycom phone please visit the RFS page.

Features and instructions on how to use the Polycom phone are available here.

Meet-Me Bridge

If you have a need to conference more than three separate phone numbers at one time, a “Meet-Me Bridge” is required. A Meet-Me bridge is capable of hosting up to 12 including the originator. Callers also have the ability to phone into the university using a local number or a toll free number. The Meet-Me bridge has to be requested and calls arranged at a predetermined time to a single UST number.

Please visit the RFS page and select "Information Resources & Technologies>Voice Services" to specify a request for a bridge line in the work description box.

Additionally, bridge lines that require more than 12 lines may be obtained through a voice services vendor. Please contact the IRT Tech Desk for more information if you would like to contract a vendor for your voice conference.