Student Worker Accounts


XST accounts are student worker accounts, separate from their main UST account, that can be configured to provide special access needed for student employment positions. An XST account has to be requested by a full-time UST employee and will expire at the start of every fall semester.

These are secure accounts that can be configured for use on specific computers during designated times of the day. Further restrictions, such as access to department shared drives and secondary mailboxes, can be requested.

All other access request for student workers, referencing their UST username, can be sent to the IRT Tech Desk.

Getting Started

If you would like to request a XST account on behalf of a student employee, please fill out an XST account request form. Before filling out the web form, please be sure to know the Username for each student you wish to create the XST account, as well as the asset ID numbers for each computer that he/she will need access to, along with the required access time restrictions.