Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) department maintains the infrastructure, servers and applications that are used at the University of St. Thomas. The IT department is comprised of 45 staff in five integrated support teams; Enterprise Systems Services, IT Operations, Technical Process Analysts, Network and Telecom Operations, and Web Services.

IT supports over 70 physical and 400 virtual servers running 90+ academic and administrative applications. IT staff also develop and support a large portfolio of web applications and websites used by the university to achieve its mission.  Another critical component of IT’s responsibilities is security.  IT staff strive to ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of university systems and data through a combination of awareness, tools, and practices.  Whether you're sending an email, working on an assignment in Blackboard, or even just logging into a computer, odds are you're interacting with one of the servers or systems IT maintains.  And, if you’re looking for assistance integrating new or existing technologies into your department’s processes, IT staff have the expertise to help guide your project to a successful outcome.

Contact the Director

Chris Gregg
Director, Information Technology
(651) 962-6265