Client Services

Client Services provides a single point of presence for accessing academic and administrative technology support services - in person, online, or by phone - along with the complex coordination, cross-training and support, and knowledge management essential to success.

Whatever your relationship to the University: student, faculty, staff, friend, alumni, parent... IRT Client Services exists as your first point of contact for technology support services via the Tech Desk.

Located in primarily OEC LL08 on the St. Paul campus, and "Scholars" on the 2nd floor of MOH in Minneapolis Client Services work groups contain: Academic Technology Support; Administrative Technology Support (CORE Team), the Rapid Response Team, the Budgets, Acquisitions and Inventory Team, the Tech Desk.

Client Services also offers walk-up support at the Tech DeskToo located in OEC LL08 and the "Scholars" counter in Opus Hall in Minneapolis.

Please contact Client Services via the Tech Desk if you ever have any technology related question while here at UST.

Contact the Director

Jenn Haas
Director, Client Services
(651) 962-6339