Policies and Procedures

The Institutional Review Board is currently revising many IRB procedures. The updated policies and procedures can be viewed within the following documents: 

1.0: Institutional Review Board Policies (Updated Fall 2016)

1.1: Classroom and Student Research Involving Human Participants

1.2: Unanticipated Problems Involving Risks to Participants or Others ‌‎

1.2(a): Decision Chart for Reporting Unexpected Problems

1.3: Investigator Responsibilities, Deviations to Approved Protocols, and Non-Compliance

1.4: Faculty/Instructor Research with Student Participants


Questions related to policies and procedures should be directed to the IRB office at (651) 962-6035.

To ensure your research is in compliance with federal regulations, please view the Code of Federal Regulations on human subjects research (45 CFR 46):