Policies and Procedures

1.0: Institutional Review Board Policies (Updated Fall 2016)

1.1: Classroom and Student Research Involving Human Participants

1.2: Unanticipated Problems Involving Risks to Participants or Others ‌‎

1.2(a): Decision Chart for Reporting Unexpected Problems

1.3: Investigator Responsibilities, Deviations to Approved Protocols, and Non-Compliance

1.4: Faculty/Instructor Research with Student Participants

1.5: Expedited Review Procedures

1.6: Education Requirement

1.7: International Research with Human Subjects

1.8: Participant Recruitment

The Institutional Review Board is revising many IRB policies. Please contact the IRB office for questions regarding policies not listed. All questions related to policies and procedures should be directed to the IRB office at (651) 962-6035.

To ensure your research is in compliance with federal regulations, please view the Code of Federal Regulations on human subjects research (45 CFR 46):